• Make your 2018 different

    I am not a major fan of New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions are not commitments. They are a very loose set of things you’d like to do. However I am a big believer in using this time of year to set goals for the coming months. The New Year is always a great time to stop and analyze your life, review the year that was, and think about what you’d like to achieve in the coming year. I came...

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  • Strive for excellence in 2018

    Just recently I took my eight year-old son down for an early surf. I normally paddle out with him, but I had our six month-old daughter asleep in the pouch so I could give my wife a sleep in. As my son started paddling out I noticed a surf photographer on the beach. There were a couple of boys out there who were handy surfers, but it seemed to me like my son was the one getting the best rides....

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  • Want to excel in life?

    Don’t you love watching people do things that make the hard look easy? I love the way Roger Federer covers a tennis court effortlessly. It’s as though he only has to cover a three square meter area. I play tennis like I have to cover half a football field. I never seem to stop running. I love watching newly crowned world surfing champion John John Florence devour a wave. It’s like he has...

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  • When our kids become replicas of us

    Have you ever heard the saying ‘what walks in the father runs in the son’? Of course it is just as applicable for moms and daughters. It was one of my dad’s favorite sayings and my wife uses it when she tells people about how she believes that our youngest son’s incredulous energy matches mine. She might be right… Recently I went into my son’s room as I was walking past it one...

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  • Here’s how you can be a great boss

    Being the leader of an organization is not easy. Carrying the pressures of the entire company or non-profit on your shoulders is huge. But add to this having to try and do it with a smile on your face so that your workplace is not a miserable one and any boss will tell you that being a great leader is an art in itself. I’ve faced days in years gone by when I’ve struggled to walk in the office...

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  • The reason most people give up

    I have thought a lot about why some people see their dreams come to pass, while others don’t. Of course there are many factors that come in to play, but in my mind one stands out. You see, it can take a number of corrections along the way to ‘make it’. It’s a fast changing world and what you set down on paper to achieve today might end up looking very different by the time you get...

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