• Don’t wait for a crisis before you do this

    Staying in business for many years is not easy to do. My wife and I founded our company in 2003, so we’re now 14 years doing this. We also started the company 5 months into our marriage. At the time I was running several businesses, but I really felt the call to leave them behind and focus on this one thing. It was a massive step of faith. In fact I share our story in a new book that will be...

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  • Here’s how you can be ‘the best dad ever’

    I don’t think there are many parents out there who don’t want to do their best, and be their best for the children they have been entrusted with. We love our children, and more than that, we want to connect with them and have a close relationship with them. Personally, there is one simple way that I can be the best dad there is. Want to know how? Simply by quitting my job. You see, my work...

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  • The one thing budding entrepreneurs need

    I am always amazed by how fascinated people are with successful entrepreneurs. I was watching a video just recently where Richard Branson was being interviewed on a business show, and the two people interviewing him were awestruck. Granted, these guys deserve a huge amount of respect. I am not underplaying how amazing they are, and the well known ones like Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and the...

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  • Why I am among the richest men in the world

    It’s true. I am not going to reveal my finances here, but I think I might be one of the world’s richest people. You see, in October last year my wife sprung the news on me that she was pregnant. This was just a couple of months after we buried my dad. With three children, we were complete. They were moving on in years and we were slowly getting our life back. We’d lost a lot of productivity...

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  • Don’t do life for the applause

    Below is a very clever new ad on TV. Skoda is a relatively new brand outside of Europe. While it was founded in 1895 and is owned by Volkswagen, it wisely realizes that it cannot compete with the big glamour brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and to a lesser degree, Volkswagen. What is so clever though is the man Skoda – or more likely their advertising agency – has used to front the ad....

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  • Why you can’t buy experience

    The photo above is the latest addition to our family. As you can see we both look pretty relaxed. But it wasn’t always that way. This little girl is our fourth child. My wife and I thought we were done and dusted in that we have three beautiful children, the oldest who has just started high school. This little one is a gift from God, but we’re definitely stopping at four! When our first child...

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