• Why leaders are readers

    Sometimes when I stop and reflect on what I have done in life, I am sometimes slightly surprised. How did a young boy who grew up wanting to be a pro surfer end up in business? How have we started so many businesses and diversified our company so far? My mother always encouraged my sister and I to read, much to my annoyance. We lived by the beach so there was always a lot more fun to be had than...

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  • How to raise resilient children

    I wrote a blog post just the other day that talked about how God’s got it all covered when it comes to raising our children. And he does. But as parents there are some things I believe we can do to help our kids adjust to the real world. At school they’re in a bit of a bubble. Have you ever seen your child blitz the athletics carnival at their school, only to go to districts and come say 3rd,...

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  • Why God’s got it all covered

    The scan above is of our new baby, due in three weeks. Seriously, with three children at present I have been doing this for too long now… We must stop at four. This little baby is a perfectly formed human. We have had to do nothing to get him/her to this point. My wife has simply eaten and slept well for the last eight months. God has done the rest. As a parent it is hard to put into words...

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  • Brad Pitt, I’m hurting for you

    I read this story on Brad Pitt and my heart went out to him. Brad Pitt is a mega-star, one of Hollywood’s A-list. He has fame, he has fortune, he has good looks. In most people’s eyes, he has it all. But in the midst of all of this, a tragic and well-publicized divorce means that he is also probably at his loneliest. Going through divorce, he spoke to GQ magazine about his struggles with...

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  • Why the K.I.S.S. method is the best

    We live in a complicated world. Very complicated in fact. And it seems to get busier and busier, and hence more and more complicated, with age. When I was growing up my Dad always used to tell me to remember the KISS method: keep it simple stupid. In fact he was the master at it. Just the other day I was stopping in at one of my local cafes and to my surprise they had changed their takeaway cups...

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  • The death of an NFL player, and why it’s best to hold your temper

    I read the news yesterday about former NFL star Aaron Hernandez being found dead inside his prison cell in an apparent suicide on April 19, according to the Massachusetts State Department of Corrections. This is absolutely tragic news. A State Department of Correction said no suicide note was found in Hernandez’s single-occupant cell, although John 3:16 was written on his forehead. Here is a...

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