• Because good things take time

    I am always a person in a hurry. I am a product of the society in which I live in. Everything is on tap and there is nothing that cannot be done instantly. From ordering a uber, through to ordering a pizza – or for that matter, a pair of shoes online. I can go online and get a quick grab of cash through all of these new finance companies. I can also buy a new couch, fridge or coffee machine...

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  • Have you given it your all?

    I have grown up with a sporting background. As a young boy I wanted to be a pro surfer and so I spent all of my spare time in the water. This included spending a lot of weekends traveling to different surfing competitions. I realized in my late teens that while I as pretty handy, the reality is that I would end up spending much of my life struggling my way around the world, potentially getting...

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  • Why you should never give up

    Last night we hired the movie Eddie the Eagle on Apple TV and watched it as a family. The Winter Olympics are in the air and so it was an appropriate time to watch such a movie. My wife and I had seen this movie before and knew just how good it is. In case you’re unaware of his story, Michael ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards is a British man who as a boy dreamed of gong to the Olympics. However he...

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  • How do you define success?

    When we were in the early stages of forming Initiate Media our office was based in a retail precinct. Naturally there were lots of really good coffee shops. I used to get my coffee from one particular place and every Tuesday morning so did another youngish guy called John McGrath. He owned McGrath Real Estate and was an ambitious young man on the up. He had an office in the suburb and obviously...

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  • Teaching our kids communication is everything

    One of the things my wife and I are really big on is teaching our children is good communication skills. Last week I cam across this hilarious skit of Will Ferrel on the Jimmy Fallon Show. If nothing else take a look at it for just how clever Will Ferrel is. The guy is a comic genius. However there are people out there with communication skills not too dissimilar to the above video. They have...

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  • Why it’s OK to look dumb

    I was reading this article that was published on one of our websites, Christian Woman, recently when it got me thinking. A year or so ago I had read a similar article that said that most people would rather stay stagnant in their lives than ask for help. The article went on to explain that looking dumb in front of smart people was so intimidating that ambitious people would rather stay in a place...

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