• Why reading must be a priority

    In this day and age where there is an endless scroll of nothing to look at, reading seems to be an after-thought. Bookstores are closing up, mostly because people are buying online as opposed to not reading at all, but at the same time we are now in an environment where social media is sucking up peoples’ spare time. Where they used to sit down and read a book, they can instead scroll for hours...

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  • How to avoid problems further down the track

    We have builders at our place at the moment. The timber has arrived, everything is in place – yet it’s taken some days to see any action. I have been anxious to see these beautiful big posts go up, but instead the builders have been more focused on building deep holes and getting a concrete truck in. Then they’ve been setting in place these big, steal footings, which are going to undergird...

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  • Start here if you want to be a good leader

    There are loads of books out there about leadership. John Maxwell is the expert on the subject, and I have always wondered why leadership gets so much attention. In my mind leadership seems pretty simple. Someone is at the top and they manage and lead the people they are overseeing, right? It’s not until I got a little older that I realized why leadership is such an art. And one key reason for...

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  • The #1 Trait You’ll Need If You Dare To Dream

    Over many years I have read lots of business articles. As a businessperson myself, I have tried to tap into what makes other people tick. Naturally there are a range of factors that may come into play as to what makes someone make it. I’m also interested though in sports people, actors… anyone who has dared to dream and succeeded. One can be luck. Some people just get onto the right idea at...

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  • Are you willing to pay the price?

    One of my favorite things to do to relax a little is to watch the World Surf League. Surfing is a sport I have grown up with and as a child I wanted to be a pro surfer myself. Both my sons are very keen surfers and we spend quite a bit of time down at the beach. I always make sure that I get in the water with them too so I get some ‘liquid therapy’ of my own. As I was watching the surfing...

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  • Why Harvey Weinstein’s predicament is a warning to all men

    I’ve been reading with interest (more sadness) over the last week the whole Harvey Weinstein meltdown. While it is incredibly sad, I think most of us are aware that behind the closed doors of Hollywood – and the corporate world for that matter – women have been lured into many a high-powered producer or executive’s office or bedroom with the promise of a movie part, a new company role, or...

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