• The robots are coming: here’s how we can train our future generation

    I actually wrote an article earlier this year on how automation was on its way and how we should train the next generation when it comes to them entering an automated society. Well, according to this report in the South China Morning Post, they have officially arrived. China’s state-run press agency, Xinhua, has welcomed two additions to its team of journalists – two news presenters powered...

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  • Why you can be sold out for God – and a success in business

    The church has been sold a massive lie – and sadly, most of us have believed it. Some years ago I was on a conference call with a band that we were going to take to Australia for a seven stop music tour. One of the band members said to me on that call, “From what I hear the words ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘Christian’ just don’t go together in Australia.” As he said this, it really...

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  • My number 1 advice for any Christian in business

    Many Christians in business feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. They feel called to business, not ministry, but then they go off to church, which is all about ministry. Many feel lonely and isolated in the church environment. Anyway, that is an entirely different subject matter for a different article. It’s a matter close to my heart though, and my new book tells my story of being a...

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  • Learning to admire, not envy

    The older I get, the more I see just how talented some people are. It’s no surprise to me though, as I believe God has given everyone special talents. Some use them, some don’t. I love watching the World Surf League. I love watching rugby. I like reading about the captains of industry in business. All of these people are ridiculously talented. When I was younger and finding my way, I found it...

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  • Why teens rock

    I have one child who is a teenager and I have to admit that I entered this phase of life with a lot of trepidation. At the start of last year, I attended a school evening where they were helping the parents transition from managing the raising of a child into the teen years. It was bizarre to think that we were dealing with a teen on one hand, while on the other my wife was five months pregnant...

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  • The power of focus

    I read a great article recently about Jerry Seinfeld and the astronomical success of his TV show. We all loved it. I’m sure you’re aware that jerry himself did not draw us in because of his incredibly good looks, nor his phenomenal acting skills. While he and the cast were great actors, none of them were big name stars, so the show had to get off the ground from a standing start. However he...

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