• The old days are over; it’s time to look to the future

    My favorite sport in the world is surfing – both to do and to watch. As we were driving along recently, my wife told me that the body that runs surfing globally, World Surf league, (WSL) had announced they had a new CEO. Later that night, when the kids had all gone to bed, I googled the news, as I wanted to see who the CEO was. I’m sure you have absolutely zero interest in knowing who it...

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  • Make 2020 the year you look for new opportunities

    I recently watched a fantastic documentary called ‘The Secrets of Coca-Cola’ and it was a remarkable look at how this massive company got its start in the soda business… after he removed the cocaine from its recipe. Coca-Cola’s history is fascinating. It is the story of how a brown liquid that only made $50 (£39.25) in its first year became the best-selling soft drink of all...

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  • Are you running last century’s business model?

    Just last week, we had some friends over for dinner who run a very big company. They have ten megastores and a big wholesale business, employ over 400 people, and have a massive head office the size of a football field or two. To say the company is successful is an understatement. The company was started by their father and he had the nous at the time to buy the land that the stores would be...

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  • Want an exciting new decade? Then it’s time to stop being the victim

    I don’t know your story and you don’t know mine, but chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve had some pretty bad things happen in the past. It might be a broken marriage; it might be bankruptcy. You may have been abused, physically or emotionally; you may have been told you’re good for nothing and you won’t amount to anything. The list of past hurts and challenges goes...

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  • Memo to California: the gig economy is now the new norm

    You’ve probably heard all about the gig economy now, and potentially it is already affecting you. In fact I wrote an article recently titled ‘Are you ready for the rise of the gig economy?’ What you might not know is that California is trying to combat this by launching a new amendment. Below Is more information on the new California Assembly Bill 5, but essentially, the state of...

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  • Yes, the hustle applies to Christians in business too

    I’ve been a Christian in business my entire working life, and in that time I have had to learn what part I play in making my life and career work, and what part God plays. Over 25 years in business has taught me that God in my work space is really only as good as the amount of work that I am putting in. If I want to coast along and do as little as possible, he does the same. If I am ambitious...

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