• The power of focus

    I read a great article recently about Jerry Seinfeld and the astronomical success of his TV show. We all loved it. I’m sure you’re aware that jerry himself did not draw us in because of his incredibly good looks, nor his phenomenal acting skills. While he and the cast were great actors, none of them were big name stars, so the show had to get off the ground from a standing start. However he...

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  • When we have our priorities all wrong

    I read this article recently about a new $253 million mega-mansion and it really got me thinking about the world we live in. The house in question is called “Billionaire”. The article stated that, “The goal with “Billionaire” was simple; every inch of the property in the home had to be innovative, flawless, and meticulously curated. The budget? There was no budget.” Mr Makowsky...

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  • If you’re a leader, you’re an innovator

    I was getting a coffee the other morning from a café near by when I casually asked the owner how her business was going. It was a routine question, but I didn’t get a routine answer. She instead told me how quiet it had been; how they had sunken everything they had into the business and that they were incredibly stressed. Feeling really concerned for their delicate financial situation, I began...

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  • Why you can’t stop learning

    Last Christmas I was having a surf with my two boys. After catching my fair share of waves, I came in to check some emails and watch the boys for a while. After all, I don’t quite have the same energy levels as they do… As I was trolling through my emails, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott walked down the beach with his daughter. An adult herself, she proceeded to paddle out, while...

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  • Is this the future model for church success?

    I am sure you’re aware that we are living in a time of massive change. We are all affected by it … and so are our churches. As a businessperson, I love to observe other industries and markets and look at what is called ‘best practice’. That is where you find the best of other industries and then aim to apply certain qualities to your organization. When I look at the church, I personally...

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  • When God calls, you may not have a choice

    I was at a leader’s meeting for our church a couple of weeks ago when the visiting preacher came early so he could speak at a special Thursday night leader’s night. He told the story about how he ended up becoming the senior minister of his church, without really being consulted. He and his wife were running the youth, and when the head pastor resigned, he and his wife were basically told...

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