• Why you need to get ready for the rise of the gig economy

    It’s coming to a town near you. In fact, if it’s not here already, it won’t be far off. We’re talking about the gig economy. Do you remember back in the old days when we were all encouraged to get in with a company where we could be there for life? Do you remember when there was a plethora of fulltime jobs and companies could just about hire you for life? When you could finish...

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  • Because it’s not how you start…

    Over the weekend, one of my sons was hand picked to attend a junior surfing camp with around eight other kids.  Held at the high performance academy of surfing, three top coaches were in attendance, two of whom are former professional surfers. As you can imagine, there was a lot of excitement for the kids as they surfed and worked out, surrounded by surfing memorabilia and...

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  • Why You Don’t Need The Prosperity Gospel To Prosper

    I have been a Christian most of my life and as such have had a lot of time to think and consider both tithing and the discussions around the prosperity gospel. As a younger man eager to get ahead in life, the subject of finances was of course very intriguing as I was trying to work out how the world of personal finance works. My pastor and I were standing on the beach early this morning watching...

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  • If you’re missing vision, you’re missing out

    On the way to surf training early last week with the radio playing to wake us up, my 10 year-old son told me that his friend at soccer told him that the song playing (and below) was about suicide. My first thoughts were that he was too young to know about committing suicide, but I quickly swung the conversation around from the negative and to the positive. Incidentally, the song is...

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  • Slow and steady can still win the race

    We are living in the microwave age. We all want what we want when we want it… which is right now! Why wait when you can have it today? Uber Eats to your door, finance approved online within 10 minutes, credit card companies mailing you with an immediate credit increase if you just sign a form. What about all the buy-now-pay-later options out there in retail? You can stock your home full...

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  • Will your work bring you before kings?

    About three weeks ago, I was flat out working in the middle of the day when I received a message on my Linkedin account. When I had a spare minute, I had a read of it. It was from a gentleman working in a global recruitment firm seeking me out about taking on the CEO role of another company. Not wanting to ever hose down any opportunity, I said yes when he asked if he could give me a call. We...

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