• Learning to embrace tough life experiences

    Over the Christmas break we were on holidays and were staying with family. My little girl unfortunately likes to rise at 5pm, which is a little too early for my liking. Fortunately it is only 7 mornings a week though… Anyway, so I could keep the rest of the family asleep, I was taking her to a nearby café each morning so I could grab a coffee and let her make all of the noise she does,...

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  • How to raise successful, Godly children

    As a parent of four children, I have to tell you that I am particularly keen to see them all do their best in life. I believe they only get one shot, I tell them to dream big, and I want them to reach for whatever it is they are dreaming for. I’m happy to let their fate rest in God’s hands. And luckily, because as Dale Partridge notes: The chances of your child becoming famous...

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  • In 2019, it’s time to seize opportunity

    Just last night my wife and I watched a documentary called ‘Jobs’ on Netflix. I have seen the motion picture movie on Steve Jobs, I have read the major biography on the man behind Apple, but I had not seen this documentary before. In Silicon Valley, there used to be a computer group called the Home Brew Club, of which Steve Jobs was a part of. They were all so fascinated with the...

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  • It’s time to dream big for 2019

    Aquaman is topping the charts in cinemas around the world as a must-see Christmas movie, I was delighted to find out that my cousin’s daughter, Brianna, scored the part of being the body double for the main female star of the movie, Amber Heard. Amber Heard is a leading Hollywood figure, and at 32, had to squeeze into a skintight costume. But as nothing is quite what it seems in...

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  • The central role of all good leaders

    I have been reading Richard Branson’s biography Finding My Virginity and one of the parts I found really interesting was his discussion around a leadership issue he was facing. Using Martin Luther King’s famous quote, ‘I have a dream…’ he stated no great leader starts a conversation to their team saying ‘I have a nightmare.’ It’s true. If you’re a leader, you’re a...

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  • Why you can’t let technology slip away from you

    I have a 17 month old, and by 5 am, she is wide awake. Literally, for 17 months, except for when I have been away, I have been wide awake at 5 am, taking her downstairs so her mother can get some much-needed rest after still being up with her during the night. My survival tactic for being up so early morning after morning is coffee. I know I should be really spiritual here and say prayer,...

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