• Achieving Your Dream, One Step At A Time

    I started to notice the messages coming into my inbox. My email account kept announcing message after message being sent to me from Linkedin. Wondering what was happening, I logged in to Linkedin to see what all the fuss was about.It turns out hundreds of people were sending me messages, congratulating me on celebrating 16 years of working at Initiate Media (or more to the point, 16 years since...

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  • The difference between looking rich and being rich

    We live in a world of smoke and mirrors, one driven by advertising and marketing, which has the power to influence our beliefs. As a young man and in business, I believed that the trappings of wealth were European cars, expensive suits and clothing, offices in or close to the city, and those that went on expensive overseas holidays. Essentially, those who had lives that looked like they...

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  • It’s time to stop the pastor-bashing

    Last week, I had coffee with a couple who have just resigned from their church and are moving on to mentor other pastors. Being in their sixties, they are looking for a change and are excited about their next phase of helping a new generation of pastors build healthy churches.Their daughter and son-in-law also pastor a church in New York and they told me a really interesting story. When their...

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  • Sunny Garcia is in ICU, here’s why we need to stay connected

    Yesterday, I read the sad news that surfing legend Sunny Garcia is in intensive care after trying to take his own life. To many, Sunny Garcia might be unknown, but in the surfing world, he is one of the greats. I grew up watching the Hawaiian champion surf. He was all power and was a ‘man’s man’. Now in his late forties, he has probably, like many athletes, struggled in...

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  • Like Rupert Murdoch, you may be asking, Who Moved My Cheese?

    I have read with interest this week that Rupert Murdoch wants Google broken up because they are too big and powerful and their online advertising is severely damaging his company’s revenues. I had to double-check that this is the same Rupert Murdoch, pictured above with ex-wife Wendi Deng announcing the acquisition of MySpace. He has built a multi-billion dollar global empire, and you...

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  • When you think you’re having a bad day…

    Last week, I was having an early morning surf before work. I was sitting out the back waiting for a wave and just quietly praying about the day ahead. My mind was full of all the things I had to do, including the opportunities and challenges in front of me, which is all part of running a company. As I was paddling back out after catching a wave, I saw a guy coming down the line, surfing on...

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