As the Founder and CEO of Initiate Media, one of the world’s most influential Christian media companies, I spend most of my days overseeing the team that makes this company happen. Having run my own businesses for the last 20 years I personally know how hard it is to be – and stay – in business.

After years of being in business I felt it was time to move up to the second half of my life, and that is in helping others. When you’re younger you want to use all the information you have acquired to solely help yourself. However, you get to a stage in life where you have built an amazing bank of information, and you then want to share that information with others. And that’s where it is at for me.

Everyone needs a hand to get to where they desire. And that is one of my great life passions. I have always loved helping people on our team to have a vision, mentoring them along the way. It’s a thrill to see them successful and thriving in their chosen areas.

As you read and hear what I have to say, you can do it in the knowledge that I am not just pushing you to levels that I have not been to myself. A CEO role is a major one, and it comes with untold levels of responsibility. So as you hear from me, know that I too have had to overcome many of the things you too have to.

I love people. I believe every person has a unique and wonderful calling, and as such my passion is helping people and organizations succeed beyond their wildest dreams. My vision is to see people step outside the comfort zone instead of settling for a mediocre life. We are all only given once shot at life on this earth, so why not make the most of it and achieve all that has been placed within us.

My other great passion is my family, including my wife Nicole, who doubles up as the Art Director at Initiate Media, and my four children, Morgan, Ava, Hayden and Imogen.

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