Here’s how you can be ‘the best dad ever’

I don’t think there are many parents out there who don’t want to do their best, and be their best for the children they have been entrusted with. We love our children, and more than that, we want to connect with them and have a close relationship with them.

Personally, there is one simple way that I can be the best dad there is. Want to know how? Simply by quitting my job. You see, my work doesn’t only take up a lot of my time, but it takes up a huge portion of my energy, and on many days, my joy. It’s pressurized, it’s stressful, and by the end of the day and week I am exhausted and honestly in need of some time all on my own. Which I do not get.

If I could just quit my job then I would honesty be the world’s best dad. We’d wake up in the morning, I’d take my boys surfing, I’d bring home coffees and banana bread for my wife and daughters (well, the youngest is still just drinking milk), and life would be one big holiday.

From there we’d relax, then we might watch Boss Baby or Despicable Me. We might wander to the park, go to the shops, ride skateboards, and who knows, even have an afternoon surf.

Yes, I’d be so relaxed and with no worries on my mind, my kids would have nothing but fun with me. In their mind I’d be the world’s best, most fun dad.

Not going to happen, right? Correct. Our children just don’t realize the sacrifices we make for them. The hard work, the travel, the stress at work. We don’t even have time for ourselves to do the things we would love to do.

So, now that you realize you can’t be the world’s best dad, more to the point, that should not even be your end goal. Never lose sight of your role in being a provider for them. And more than that, the work ethic you’re helping instill in them.

Simply seeing you work – presumably hard – you’re helping instill discipline, sacrifice, perseverance and commitment. Life is not just about having fun. Life is about responsibilities and trying to do something worthwhile. It’s also about leaving some kind of legacy.

If your goal is to simply be the world’s best dad, then you’ve missed your calling. But if you’re trying to provide for your family, create opportunities for them and also be as good a father as you can, then you’re doing the job you were called to do.

Your job is to do your best under very difficult circumstances, knowing that your God is there to help you, and that one day, probably when they are parents themselves, they will appreciate all you have done for them.

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