How to raise resilient children

I wrote a blog post just the other day that talked about how God’s got it all covered when it comes to raising our children.

And he does.

But as parents there are some things I believe we can do to help our kids adjust to the real world. At school they’re in a bit of a bubble. Have you ever seen your child blitz the athletics carnival at their school, only to go to districts and come say 3rd, then go on to regionals and not make the final?

You – and they – thought they were the best because they dominated their school, but when they went to the next level of competition, they fast got squashed.

I’m a big believer in pumping up my kid’s tires, so to speak, but we walk a fine line if we do nothing but tell our children how smart, beautiful, wonderful etc that they are.

We also need to praise them for work ethic and build into them an ability to overcome. For example. “I’m so proud that you didn’t give up on that project”. Or, “I know you got beaten this week, but put the hard work in at training and let’s see a different result next week”. The list of examples here could go on and on.

Getting beaten is one of the best things that can happen to us. For one we try harder. For two, we start to realize just how tough it can be out there. We burst the bubble, so to speak, and we create that resilience and persistence that is so necessary to make it in the outside world.

Your children are beautiful, wonderful, and made in God’s image, but don’t forget to teach them how to fight for what they want. We can help get them ready for the outside world if we do, and lessen the fright they are going to get when they otherwise learn it the hard way.


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