How to raise successful, Godly children

As a parent of four children, I have to tell you that I am particularly keen to see them all do their best in life. I believe they only get one shot, I tell them to dream big, and I want them to reach for whatever it is they are dreaming for.

I’m happy to let their fate rest in God’s hands. And luckily, because as Dale Partridge notes:

  • The chances of your child becoming famous is 1 in 572,596.
  • The chances of your child becoming a professional musician are 1 in 297,876.
  • The chance of your child becoming a professional athlete is 1 in 120,060.

However, the chance of your child standing before Jesus Christ: 100%.

I have a son who dreams of becoming a professional surfer. While he is only 9 years of age, he has a determination – and a talent to match – that might just get him there. Time will tell. I am a proud dad, so below is a photo of him (second from left) at a recent contest. And yes, that is a giant jar of peanut butter he won, as they were one of the major sponsors….

Along the way, I see parents basically give up everything, as well as spending a small fortune, on helping their kids get there, too. And that is awesome, as you want to give your children every opportunity to succeed in whatever they are good at.

But none of it is as important as raising them to know their Creator. After all, He has the perfect plan for them, so we don’t need to stress about them. We need to nurture and steer them as best we can, then after that, leave their futures in God’s hands.

Below is an awesome video by a pastor in Los Angeles that I encourage every parent or grandparent to watch.

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