In 2019, it’s time to seize opportunity

Just last night my wife and I watched a documentary called ‘Jobs’ on Netflix. I have seen the motion picture movie on Steve Jobs, I have read the major biography on the man behind Apple, but I had not seen this documentary before.

In Silicon Valley, there used to be a computer group called the Home Brew Club, of which Steve Jobs was a part of. They were all so fascinated with the product for their own use, but hadn’t quite caught on to the commercial opportunities of the personal computer. Except for one guy.

One person in that group saw the opportunity and decided to act on it. He started in his parent’s garage, and from here I think it is safe to say that the rest is history. I don’t think I have to waste your time here letting you know about the success of Apple…

As I watching the show though, it really struck me how much of life is about opportunity. So many of us walk around with our heads down. Not literally, for most at least, but in terms of not having our heads up and eyes open to see what is out there.

In the bible, God told Abraham to “lift up your eyes and see.” (Genesis 13:14) there was opportunity everywhere. What opportunities are there for you? What are you good at? What is your skill base?

Your talents are always a good pointer for what God generally has for you. However, it is your job to lift up your eyes and see. For me, I never stop looking and seeing what is out there. It is just my inquisitive nature. Our company is called Initiate Media because I believe it is our calling to initiate ideas.

When the day is over, the kids are all in bed and we are just having some time out, my wife loves to watch something on TV to wind down and relax. For me, unless it is sport or a movie, I find the TV boring, so while she zones out from chasing four kids around, as well as having a very demanding role in our company, I on the other hand grab one of Steve Job’s inventions, the iPad, and look around the net at different ideas and opportunities we are working on.

So as we start a New Year, lift your eyes and see what is out there. If you look hard enough, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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