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“Matt Danswan is man who has displayed determination, resilience, insight and foresight within his professional business career which has enabled him to be successful over many decades, in a number of industries. But his greatest achievements are not the result of business acumen, but of his character. His family, friends and those fortunate to know him are the beneficiaries of his loving, compassionate, empathetic and generous nature. He is a leader in every way.”
Ward Lucas
Senior Pastor of C3 Rozelle, Sydney Australia

When going into business or friendships I look for three qualities, honesty, passion and an ability to listen. Matt Danswan carries all these characters plus more! A devoted dad and husband, Matt juggles his love of entrepreneurial visions and his faith and always combines both to create the best outcomes for all! I’m lucky I’ve experienced both, but will always put my friendship with Matt and his family as a priority!
Matt Adamson, Former Rugby League International,State of Origin representative and Fox Sports and Channel 7 TV personality

I have known Matt Danswan for more than eight years. In this time I have found him to be a man enriched with passion, commitment and encouragement, with Christ always at the centre of whatever he does.
Tim Pascoe
Director, Tim Pascoe Photography

Matt Danswan, who I have known for 20 years, is not only an entrepreneur of all sorts, but a man that sticks to his guns and shows integrity when wise decisions need to be made under heated circumstances. When you need someone to be on the front line with you in battle, just call on Matt. He will be right by your side.
Peter Kelaher
Director, PK Property Byers Agents, Sydney Australia

Matthew Danswan, a friend of mine for over 40 years! Throughout our lives he has been an inspiring person with his excellent conversational skills, contagious approach to living and his willingness to become all god has created him to be in every facet of his life. He continues to achieve goals that many just dream. This book will be a great tool for those looking to develop their lives, family and businesses, God’s way.
Glenn Wysman
Friend and Pastor of The Link Church, Sydney Australia

“NOT Business As Usual” perfectly describes Matt Danswan and his approach to life and business. As long as I’ve known Matt I’ve seen him display out-of-the-box thinking, mixed with God-seeking wisdom and as a result he and his amazing wife / business partner Nicole have built not only a great business, but also enviable lives. He and Nicole live well balanced, Christ-centered lives and are great examples of Christians who choose to succeed in all they do and be blessings to all they meet.

I believe this book will be a great blessing to anyone called into business and those seeking an alternative to the ‘cookie cutter’ business models employed by most.
Christian McCudden
Lead Pastor, C3 Noosa

If you feel like your work life and your Christian life aren’t working together, this is the book to read. Matt’s refreshing and inspiring real-life story is an eye opener for today’s current and aspiring entrepreneurs, bringing new ideas and how to bring God into your business.

I personally feel this book will make a difference in the way you do business.
Nick Georgas
Director, New York Wings


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