What if your private life went viral?

A video has gone viral of three Australian TV presenters having a spat over the coloring of their clothing.

Presenter Amber Sherlock is seen having a hissy fit over the fact that all three have white tops on. She has copped a lot of flak over her minor tantrum, which has clearly been leaked by a staff member at the station.

But it’s interesting to see how people operate in private, compared to the public face or persona they display. To be fair to this presenter, three women in white is a TV disaster, so she was not being a total diva. Plus live TV is no doubt a pretty stressful occupation, so she was in a tense environment at the time. But to have this aired in public would be highly embarrassing.

It’s a reminder for us that it is possible in this day and age that what we do in private could become public domain. What would happen if your life was exposed? Would you be proud or embarrassed by what people would see? Would they see tantrums in private, then see a smiling, warm gregarious person in public?

Or if people could tap into your private Internet viewing. Would it be highly embarrassing, or would you be okay? it’s a great reminder for all of us that our private life could be made public, and if so, would we be okay with it.

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