Why it’s all about passion

I am a major sports lover, and today found myself watching Venus Williams make the finals of the 2017 Australian Open. As she won her semi-final, the excitement she showed was as though she was a rookie making her first one.

I am close to finishing my first book called Not Business As Usual, and just yesterday was writing about passion, and why you’re wasting your time pushing for something that you do not absolutely love. Passion gets you up in the morning, it makes you go to bed late at night, it excites you and alights you. It makes you come alive.

So as I watched Venus win through to the final, the thing that impressed on me was just how excited she was. I did a quick Google search on her worth, and she is estimated to be worth $75 million. So clearly she is well off, and clearly she is not excited about making the final for the extra money she stands to make.

Often it is easy to look at successful people in any field and think that it is money that must be driving them. But that theory is stripped bare when we see people like Venus who are well past needing the money to push them to succeed. It is instead their passion that is driving them on and on.

If you want to find what you’re meant to do with your life, then stop and ask yourself what you are passionate about. What keeps you awake at night? What would you do if money was no option? Did you choose law when you desperately wanted to be an artist? Are you a pastor but you dream of being a business person? Are you in sales but you long to be in ministry?

Success comes with passion, and as I watch Venus – and all of the world’s top sports people – continue to compete at that stressful elite level, long after they are financially independent, then you can see that it is all about passion. It’s time for us to do something that brings our passion to life today.

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