Why it’s OK to look dumb

I was reading this article that was published on one of our websites, Christian Woman, recently when it got me thinking. A year or so ago I had read a similar article that said that most people would rather stay stagnant in their lives than ask for help.

The article went on to explain that looking dumb in front of smart people was so intimidating that ambitious people would rather stay in a place of comfort as opposed to looking like they have it all together.


I find this amazing because the world is full of so many ridiculously clever people. Not clever at everything, but clever at where their talents lie. So someone in IT might be a world-beater in their field, but they cannot hit a nail straight with a hammer. A speaker can ignite the world with a life-changing message, but they cannot read a profit and loss statement.

The bottom line is that you cannot be good at everything. However if you’re wanting to move from where you are today to where you’d desire to go, then between your ears is where you need to do the most of your work.

In my life I have met with so many people for coffee over the years. I have sought out people who are experts in their field and picked their brain (not literally) on subjects and areas that I have needed help in.

Interestingly I have found in 100 percent of these cases that the people were so happy to help. These were smart people who had worked very hard to acquire the knowledge they had, and I bet you that in their lives they never get asked for help.

So when you ask, not only do you benefit from their wisdom and knowledge, but you also give their ego a nice stroking along the way. For them to be sought after is a major compliment, and you’d be surprised how willing they would be to help.

You cannot do it all on your own. If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a team to help someone get to where they want to go.

So my challenge to you is to suck in your ego and pride and ask for help in the areas that you need it. Don’t do things the hard way; do them the easy way by getting people involved who have the skills you need.

“Where no advice is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” Proverbs 11:14


Matt Danswan’s new book, Not Business As Usual, due for release in March 2018 and published by Ark House, can be pre-ordered now.

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